What Water Is The Best For Me

You can find a number of different types of water in the market with different values and benefits.

Purified water is water that has been produced by reverse osmosis or deionization. The source of the water can be from a spring, from a well or from public community supply. The purification process generally makes purified water safe to drink. All impurities are being filtered out.

Drinking water is usually also known as purified water.

Distilled water is produced by boiling water until it evaporates, then re-condensed back to water. This process takes out most impurities and is clean and safe to drink.


Spring water is drawn directly from a natural flow to the surface of an underground aquifer. It is then filtered to remove any fine clay and ozone treated to enable it to remain bacteria free when bottled.

Natural spring water is drawn directly from the source with all its natural mineral content and properties intact. There can be no chemical treatment or physical change to the water other than filtration and ozone treatment for the protection of the consumer.

At Natural Springs Australia, we draw directly from the spring into export shipping Containers to minimize any potential contamination points. During this process, the water passes a particulate filter and an Ultra Violet (UV) treatment and is tested for purity. Customer safety is our first priority, where physical and microbiological testing is a vital function.


Our unique method of shipping enables us to ship spring water in bulk directly from the spring without any trans loading or additional handling, thus it minimizes the loss of quality to our factory in Singapore. Our factories in Australia and Singapore complies to all relevant standards.

On arrival to Singapore, each shipment is accompanied by a certificate of quality and source, which will be evaluated by the Singapore authorities. On passing this most stringent test, the spring water will then be delivered to our factory in the same vessel that it left our factory in Australia. During bottling, our plant is conducted under close supervision and under licensed by Albatross International Pte Ltd.

We guarantee you that our Natural Spring Water is of the finest quality – free of impurities and safe for you, your colleagues and your family. You – as our customer – will appreciate our high standards of hygiene and we recognize that your satisfaction is paramount. When you are happy with your water needs - so are we.

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